Be Part of the Seattle Contemporary Dance World

The Khambatta Dance Company / Seattle International Dance Festival is pleased to present a new three-year program to the festival, supported by The Raynier Foundation. The James Ray Residency Project will offer five selected artists, each year with a year-long program of support, including an artist fee ($800-$2,500,) an all-expense paid artistic retreat (3-5 days,) 50 hours of free rehearsal space, a suite of publicity/marketing, development, and graphic design consultants, assisting artists/companies with implementation of their artistic/organizational goals – culminating at years’ end in a fully produced show at SIDF (1-2 performances). The program will begin in June 2017, with the first set of performances at the 2018 festival

This project is designed to provide Seattle-based artists ample time and resources to fully develop their work over a year period, while offering them the tools to seek out new audiences in the city and create better promotional and grant writing materials. In doing so, we aim to foster the local dance ecology and enrich the city’s residents by helping artists put their best quality work forward, in a produced, highly professional setting of a renowned Seattle event.

Some of the benefits of being selected for the program:

  • Artist Fee: Established Companies $2,500 / Emerging Companies: $800
  • 50 hours of paid rehearsal space for each company selected
  • A suite of development, publicity/marketing, and graphic design consultations with experienced professionals in the field, providing tailor-made advice for your situation
  • An artistic retreat in Seattle with 24/7 access to rehearsal space and all provisions to enable a concentrated period of time to immerse yourself in your work (Established Companies: 5 days / Emerging Companies: 3 days)
  • Peer-to-peer and professional mentoring during the rehearsal process
  • Participation in a high profile networking/board development event with a major event partner
  • A set of promotional materials (company brochures and business cards)
  • A forward plan of action that you design with consultants to help your organization achieve its mission objectives as you exit the program
  • A website maintained by the festival, providing a knowledge base and assistance to help you/your organization further its mission after exiting the program

All benefits will be provided through a one year long engagement, culminating in a fully produced performance of the selected artist/companies in a new Seattle International Dance Festival program titled the James W Ray Residency Project. This will include as follows:

  • All publicity/marketing, ticketing, theater, front of house, and box office staff for two performance days established artist/companies (two groups each year), or one for emerging artist groups (three groups each year)
  • Full production services including all production staff: lighting designer, audio engineer, and stage manager

NOTE: Seattle artists are able to apply for any of the Seattle International Dance Festival’s six programs. Applying to 2017’s programs of SOCB, SAP, SOSN, AOF or SCafe does not exclude them from applying for the 2017 James Ray Residency Project and vice versa.


Submission Deadline: May 15th, 2017 at 10pm

Program start: June 2017

First James Ray Residency Project performance: as part of SIDF 2018



This program is available to Seattle-area dance artists falling into two categories. We encourage artists/companies to self-determine which category they would like to apply to, but we have provided below some guidelines that we have established. Exceptions may apply, so please contact our Managing Director, Connie Villines at with any questions about eligibility if you are unsure.

  • Budget under $500,000
  • Minimum five years presenting/performing dance professionally
  • Basic experience with applying for grants and fundraising
  • Some audience tracking (some capture method(s), statistics on audience demographics, etc)

Award Benefit Notes:

The Artist Fee is $2,500 and offers a five day artistic retreat for selected artists in this category. All other award benefits are the same

  • No minimum budget level
  • Minimum two years presenting dance professionally
  • Minimal experience with grant writing and fundraising

Minimal audience tracking (no formal capture method, statistics on audience demographics, etc)

Award Benefit Notes:

The Artist Fee is $800 and offers a three day artistic retreat for selected artists in this category. All other award benefits are the same