Your gift encourages cross-cultural exchange as well as a deeper understanding and mutual appreciation of different cultures. The festival offers a celebration of the joy of the moving body for all ages. It creates opportunity for local dance artists placing their work in the context of their national and international contemporaries, and invites the residents of Seattle and the Northwest to take part in dance through interactive events, classes and performances both indoors and out.

In 2016, support from the community enabled the festival to provide opportunities to over 150 local artists and access to high-quality artistic work for Northwest inhabitants to over 50 local, national and international dance groups.

The festival benefits from the donations of performance space, studio time, use of private property and many other amenities as well as an enormous effort on behalf of volunteers and the volunteer board of Khambatta Dance Company. The festival has become known internationally having presented the work of artists from over 25 countries from some of the most hard hit and/or politically unstable regions in the world such as Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Venezuela and others.

Your support is crucial to continuing the mission of the festival to connect Seattle to the rest of the world through dance and serve local artists in support their work in our community.

Support Levels

This support allows us to allocate your donation to the area of most need. It gives us the most flexibility to create our programs.

  • $10-$49 – Friend
  • $50-$99 – Supporter
  • $100 – $199 – Sponsor
  • $200 – $499 – Benefactor
  • $500-$999 – Angel
  • $1,000 – $4,999 – Champion
  • $5,000 – $9,999 – Hero/Heroines
  • $10,000-$25,000 – World Changer

Current Supporters

WORLD CHANGER ($10,000-$25,000)
Glenn Kawasaki, Case VanRij

HEROS/HEROINES ($5,000-$9,999)
Vulcan, Inc., ArtsFund, Amazon, Raynier Foundation, 4Culture

CHAMPIONS ($1,000- $4,999)
Barbara Lewis, Gregory Kusnick, Glenn Kawasaki, Janice and Richard Bristol, Patricia and Russ Stromberg, Carol Cooper, Umpqua Bank, Walter Weston, Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs, SAC, Porter Novelli

ANGELS ($500-$999)
Cora Lee Khambatta, Dena Lee, Kelli Cochrane, Cyrus Khambatta, Walter and Theresa Fellows, Anonymous

BENEFACTORS ($200-$499)
Brian Torgerson, James Lecky, Wayne Thurman, John Jenson, Stephen Land, Deborah L. Cochelin, Anonymous, Anonymous-Schwab Charitable, Charles Polk, Microsoft Matching Grant, Maria Friedman, Wendy Fairbanks, Keri Holmboe, Erin Boyt, Lenore Waldron, Joshua Lieberman, Christian Swenson, Benevity, Marie Heil, Alexander Budyszewick, John Helde, Anonymous

SPONSORS ($100-$199)
Dena Lee, Eric Allen Seidenberger, Nalisha Rangel, Regina Chambers, Catherine and Robert McKee, Deborah Wolf, Becky Forland

SUPPORTERS ($50-$99)
Eric Jordan, Jennifer Rice, Paris Pierson, Matthew Norman, Michael Stevens Jr., Loretta Johnson, Rebecca Reuter

FRIENDS ($15-$49)
Deborah L. Cochelin, Stella Scott, Almendra Gutierrez, Samantha Weissbach

Contact Connie Villines for more information: