SIDF Winter Mini Fest – February 3 & 4 and February 10, 2018

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Seattle’s Khambatta Dance Company and Mexico City’s Ciudad Interior Push Down the Border Wall… Thru Dance.

The Seattle International Dance Festival Winter Mini Fest, February 3-10, 2018, brings together Cuidad Interior Company (CIC), a contemporary dance company based around Mexico City, Seattle-based Khambatta Dance Company and international clothing designer, Jamina Panic (Belgrade) in two Inter|National weekends of globally inspired dance performances and cross cultural collaborations.

For three unique dance performances, Khambatta Dance Company (KDC) together with Mexico City’s Ciudad Interior (CI) will push down the emotionally and politically-charged “wall” at the first annual Seattle International Dance Festival Winter Mini-Fest.

When CI’s choreographer Alejandro Chavez and KDC’s Cyrus Khambatta talked late in 2017 about working together, neither could ignore that Mexico City has seen repeated earthquakes and Mexico itself has suffered greatly from the negative repercussions of fractured US relations with its shifting political landscape. From those conversations, the first annual SIDF Mini Winter-Fest was born and together, the two choreographers plan to push their own artistic boundaries to swap companies and create two new works in one week.

The concept of producing new pieces in a short time frame is one of the signature components of SIDF and both choreographers have commented that the added political component of the SIDF Winter Mini-Fest swap is a thrilling artistic challenge.

WEEKEND ONE / Program A: KDC performs two new works, it latest, “Endangered Species” and “Harmony 2×4,” while CI will perform one new work, “Mercurio Rojo” (Red Mercury).

WEEKEND TWO / Program B: KDC will perform “Light/Dark” with CI performing “Proyecto Expediente” (Project Files- excerpts), in addition to KDC and CI performing an “artistic director swap”, (which will be titled the week of the show.)

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